Not Just Fleurons

My thought process was to create something that expressed fleurons in a more literal way and as they are representation of flowers and leaves I decided to create something that would show them obviously.

At first I was looking at designing some sort of packaging for seeds or salad or tea and then considered manifesting an advertising campaign for Chelsea flower show, but I came to realise that these ideas were too big and that I should do something simpler.

I started to think about content that I would use and what it was about the subject of celebrating plants, which got me thinking about how plants came to be. Seeds get transported by birds and animals such a squirrels who drop them and surroundings allowing it grows. This then lead me to think of the humble gardener who plants for many reasons, such as wanting to encourage wildlife or to simply have a beautiful garden.

Who celebrates plants and the role of the garden more than a gardener? That is my reason for using a gardening book for content. I used such an old gardening book because of the language and little to no imagery like modern ones today.

My strategy was to express growth and design a synthesis between the idea of flowers and typography.